Delivery Information

For orders confirmed before 5.00 PM each day, we will make every effort to deliver them promptly within the shortest possible time frame, as outlined below.

Location Delivery Period Delivery Fee
Colombo 1-15 within 48 hours* Rs. 325
Colombo Suburbs within 48 hours* Rs. 325
Gampaha District within 48 hours* Rs. 325
Other Districts within 3 days Rs. 325

Delivery period is calculated excluding Sundays and Mercantile holidays.

Our team will reach out to the customer regarding order details and delivery confirmation. Additionally, please be aware that delayed responses and communication issues with the delivery personnel may lead to unexpected changes and delays in the delivery schedule.

Shopping Suit will take all measures to arrange the delivery right as per the prior communication, still, sudden changes of the time & date of the delivery time may occur due to any unavoidable circumstances.

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